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    10 Killer Fat Burning Exercises To Cut Down Extra Inches | Stayfitandyoung

    Getting a perfectly toned body is what everyone wishes for. In this hectic lifestyle, when peoples are too busy earning their daily bread, they seldom get a chance to look after the most important thing “their health”. I am making a bold statement here. After reading this article from top to bottom, and applying these 10 perfect exercises for toning your body in your daily routine you will get a perfectly toned body with the need to go to the gym. So stay connected. However, this is just an exaggeration. There can be a thousand excuses for not doing work and no excuse for doing it. So the first and…

  • grooming tips for women
    Grooming (Women)

    5 grooming tips for women | Stayfitandyoung.com

    Appearance does matter a lot. Over a general survey, most of the people admit that they judge people based on their outer appearance. It may surprise you but people admit that their way of responding to a certain situation depends upon the appearance of a person in front of them. No matter whether you are going for a party, going for a market place to buy groceries, jogging casually etc, you do need to be particular about your appearance. Gone are the days when people used to know you by your character traits. Time has changed a lot. Your personal care is the first and the most important stuff that…

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    Best Keto Diet Menu For Beginners | Stayfitandyoung.com

    Now that you know the benefits of a keto diet and how you can lose weight without asking your tongue to compromise, it is the right time you should start planning for adopting a ketogenic diet into your meal plan.  Losing weight without compromising taste and food items, what else a person can wish for. And the best part is you don’t have to spend hours and hours and money to lose weight. Based on research, it has been proven that sticking to low carb and high-fat diet can help you cut extra fat and also helps in keeping various diseases under control. You may wonder, how can a low…

  • 7 killer styling tips for men
    Grooming ( Men)

    7 Killer Styling Tips For Men ( One You Can’t Afford To Miss ) | Stayfityandyoung.com

    “Your approach towards a situation reflects what kind of personality you are ” this was a great saying by our elder as we grow up. Things now have changed a lot. Today “The first impression is the last impression” fits the best to every scenario. Hence, the way you carry yourself matters a lot. To make an impression in the eyes of the onlooker, you must deserve to be taken that seriously. It is just an exaggeration where we have seen people saying that owners of top-notch companies of the world don’t show off. They wear normal clothes blah blah blah. Think of it this way…Can you expect Mark Zuckerberg…

  • top watch brands

    Top Luxury Watch Brands For Men | Stayfitandyoung.com

    Watches have become an inevitable part of dressing nowadays. Manufacturers from all across the world have left no stone unturned to coin this opportunity to earn. There are many watch manufacturers in the market which provide awesome designer watches to the customers. Here in this article, we have mentioned top watch brands and why people from across the globe are ready to spare any amount to grab the perfect watch for them. Designer watches reflect luxury along with awesome craftsmanship of the manufacturer. Top luxury watch brands manufacturers put in all the experience gained over the years to provide a masterpiece to their customers. With thousands and thousands of rupees…

  • top 10 shoe brands

    Top 10 shoe brands in the world based on customer’s satisfaction | Stayfitandyoung.com

    As per a behavioral study conducted over a handful of peoples worldwide, most of them were of the same opinion. In a survey, most of the people say that the first thing that they notice is the footwear of the person in front of them. Hence footwear has become a de-facto style statement. As we proceed forward we will be listing down the top shoe brands that have managed to love up to the expectations of the customers. The market is flooded with a number of shoe manufacturers which provided a number of styles to meet the requirements of the people. Thought Process before a customer concludes a purchase The…

  • Keto Diet

    Keto Diet : A must read guide for beginners | Stayfitandyoung.com

    With the aim to turn this world to a place where people will not die due to illness and be fit and fiddle, here I have brought to you one of the most trending topics “Keto Diet Plan”. In this article, I have tried to answer all the FAQ mentioned below by users all across the world. After reading this article all your queries related to this topic will get cleared for sure. Go this article fully as there are many minute points that you need to keep in mind before exposing your body to Ketogenic Diet.  What is a Keto diet? Keto diet is one in which the percentage…

  • gym workout plan for beginners

    A Must Gym Workout Plan For Beginners | Stayfitandyoung.com

    Assuming that I have convinced you to make exercise a daily part of your routine, now is the time to switch to an advanced model of exercising. Always remember that loosing body weight and bringing your body into perfect shape cannot be done overnight. I have no intention to demotivate you here. But you have to understand that the stuff that you have collected for years cannot be cleaned in a single day. So here is a workout plan for gym to lose weight  primarily for beginners. Again keeping yourself motivated is the key here. It is a general notion that runs in the back of the mind of a …

  • Workout Plan For Beginners

    Easy To Adapt Workout Plan For Beginners | Stayfitandyoung.com

    Staying fit is the need of time. We all are termed as corporate slaves who have to prove their worth on a day-to-day basis. Due to this, the most important thing, “our health ” is left out. A balanced diet and proper exercise can let you go on an on. Exercising regularly is the boon to your health and body. There is no need to go for rigorous exercises to stay fit. Regular light exercises can do wonders for you. In the beginning, things may appear very tough for you but if you make it your daily habit then things will be very easy, and you will start feeling the…

  • healthy lifestyle

    7 Proven Tips To Healthy Lifestyle | Stayfitandyoung.com

    The gift of life is the greatest gift given to us by God. We human beings have managed to survive even the most adverse conditions what so ever. Flood, famines, droughts whatever may be the situations we human beings have managed to get ourselves out of it. Taking care of this precious gift is necessary and our responsibility. Here in this article, I have mentioned 7 useful and easy to adapt routine to a healthy lifestyle. See it is very simple, this is your life and you are whole sole responsibility to keep yourself healthy and fit. Living a happy and healthy life is not that tough. In the present…