Why Are You Getting Recurring BV?


Bacterial vaginosis is a minor bacterial infection that happens to most women. This infection leads to a woman getting a liquid or sometimes milky discharge from their vagina. In most cases, bacterial vaginosis isn’t something very serious and can be easily dealt with by taking antibiotics.

Once you have had this condition and been treated for it is not healthy or very normal to get the infection again and it indicates that there is something wrong with the PH level of your vagina and there is an imbalance between the number of good and bad bacteria in the lining of your vagina. Some women experience recurring bacterial vaginosis, even after getting treated for it they have to go through it again and are affected by recurring bv.

Reasons For Recurring Bacterial Vaginosis.
There are multiple reasons why a woman might experience bacterial vaginosis again and again. Some of these reasons are explained below.

1) One of the main reasons for bacterial vaginosis is a change in the sexual partner, frequently changing your sexual partner exposes you to more different sorts of germs and bacteria and increases the likelihood of your vagina reacting to them in different manners. This can affect the level of bacteria in the vagina and cause bacterial vaginosis.

2) Another very common reason for bacterial vaginosis is the use of deodorants or other products with chemicals in them specifically colognes or other products that have fragrance added to them artificially.

3) it Is very common for women to use various sorts of contraceptive methods, one of those methods involves women planting an IUD which is a contraceptive device into their uterus. This method of contraception also leads to women getting BV, women who have these implanted for a long time are more likely to experience recurring BV.

4) This reason isn’t something a lot of women are familiar with but it is one of the most common causes of bacterial vaginosis and this cause is Smoking. Other than having various harmful effects on other organs of our body smoking affects our vagina and hinders its proper functioning. Smoking leads to less production estrogen which leads to a sharp decline in the number of good bacteria being produced by our vagina which then leads to bacterial vaginosis.

The proper and exact treatment for BV can be told by a doctor but there several ways you can stop bacterial vaginosis from coming back if you take care of your vagina and take some of the precautionary measures.
We are going to start with a list of Dont’s first and foremost it is advised that you do not over wash or clean your vagina. Secondly, you should not use deodorants on your vagina. We know how comforting and tempting it is to use shower gels and bath bombs while taking a relaxing shower but It is not recommended to you use these products as they can also result in recurring BV. If you are a smoker and you have been experiencing recurring bacterial vaginosis it’s time you re-think your choices and try to quit.

Moving On To The List Of Do’s
for do’s the first thing suggested is that you find out the cause of the infection. If the infection is a result of low production of estrogen you should use Estrogen creams. Another common antibacterial or fungal cream is also recommended but only if they are prescribed by your doctor. Getting proper treatment from a doctor is also the right choice if you have to experience this condition for quite some time.

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