What Kind of Exercises Are Safe During Pregnancy?


Pregnancy doesn’t take away all your life, as many people think. Exercising while pregnant is an important part of pregnancy that must not be ignored. Generally, a pregnant woman should have at least 2 hours of aerobic exercise every weak. As a pregnant woman, you must be able to distinguish between regular exercise and safe exercises. The latter is the ideal kind of exercise for you. People are different, and women’s bodies handle pregnancy differently. Besides, the nature of pregnancy determines which exercise is safe and which ones are not. Consult your doctor first during a prenatal visit to know which exercise is good for you. Generally, the following exercises are safe during pregnancy.


There are many benefits to walking during pregnancy. It is the simplest workout for you. It doesn’t matter which stage of pregnancy you are in. walking is safe and helpful, probably more than any other form of exercise. You don’t have to do it outdoors. Doing small laps around your living room is enough—Time yourself as you walk around. One doesn’t need any sophisticated equipment for this exercise. Just some comfortable shoes and you are good to go.


Ellipticals or stairs climbers are more intense forms of exercise than walking. But don’t be afraid, they are safe and works just fine. To advance to a more intense level, all you need to do is to increase the speed and the tension, and inclination. Ellipticals and stair climbers get harder as the pregnancy progresses. Instead of dropping the exercise altogether, you can pay more attention to where you step.

Water Workouts

Water-resistance is a very good aerobic workout during pregnancy. The water resistance speeds up your heart rate and works well for your muscles. The exercise is safe because the water supports the weight of your baby. You don’t have to do the actual swimming. Simply playing with waist-level water does the trick. Slippery floors and bubbles escaping into your body should be your only worry. Additionally, avoid diving into pools when the pregnancy progresses to later stages.


If you are a professional kickboxer, pregnancy should not stop you from continuing light kickboxing exercises. However, you need to consult your doctor first. There are precautions, though. Avoid being kicked in the belly. Keep a safe distance, and let the opponent know you are pregnant. Alternatively, you can exercise on your own or with your trainer to be safe.

Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling can be done by riding a stationary bike. It is safe to maintain your balance on a stationary bike than a regular one. Be upright while cycling to avoid putting pressure on your belly.

There are exercises you shouldn’t try at all. They are not safe and may harm you, your baby, or both of you. Exercising while pregnant must not involve the following:

  • Skydiving. It may lead to decompression sickness.
  • Contact sports like basketball and soccer.
  • Hot yoga. Avoid raising your body’s temperature at all costs. Exercises such as hot yoga are not safe because it may lead to hyperthermia.

Exercises while pregnant reduce pregnancy complications considerably. Back pain is a major problem among pregnant women. Regular exercises are proven therapy for pain. If you didn’t know, back pain is normally a result of maintaining the same posture for a long. Exercising while pregnant enables you to move the back muscles and relieve the pain. The exercise does not have any formula; just do anything that breaks the routine. Any activity that stretches your joints and muscles is good. Furthermore, it is the frequency, not the intensity of the exercise that matters.

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