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As per a behavioral study conducted over a handful of peoples worldwide, most of them were of the same opinion. In a survey, most of the people say that the first thing that they notice is the footwear of the person in front of them. Hence footwear has become a de-facto style statement. As we proceed forward we will be listing down the top shoe brands that have managed to love up to the expectations of the customers.

The market is flooded with a number of shoe manufacturers which provided a number of styles to meet the requirements of the people.

Thought Process before a customer concludes a purchase

The thought process while buying the right pair of shoes varies from person to person. Companies have been trying hard to crack this mystery so that they can provide the best to its users.

Occasions, functions, sports requirements, age, there are a lot many things that matter here before the purchase is concluded. Comfort is always the target irrespective of what function or event a person is looking footwear for.

Keeping all these kinds of stuff in mind, the manufacturers have left no stone unturned to live up to the expectations of the customers. The competition to excel here is cutthroat. The top brains of the companies have figured out that money is no issue here. People are ready to spare any amount of money to get the best for them, both comfort-wise and style-wise. Based on customer’s satisfaction and quality of the product here is a list of top shoe brands that are the most loved ones by customers worldwide. 

Before preparing this list, the key points that were taken into consideration were

  1. Comfort
  2. Style
  3. Occasion
  4. Age
  5. Personality
  6. Price

It may surprise you but before putting a shoe piece into the market, the manufacturers make them go through various tests to ensure that every penny that the customer will be spending should be worth. Every manufacturer has a separate team that takes care of these kinds of stuff. Nowadays shoes are not manufactured they are engineered.

Here goes the list of top ten shoe brands that your footwear shelf has to have without fail.


Nike is a brand name that needs no introduction. This company has a distinguished fan base. Over the years Nike has left no stone unturned to provide its customers with the best quality. Owing to the reputation earned over the years and the awesome product quality, Nike is one of the first shoe brands that strikes the mind of the customer who is willing to buy a pair of shoes for him/her.


Here is a brief history of this company:

Founders Phil Knight, Bill Bowerman
Headquarters Beaverton, Oregon, United States
Stock price NKE (NYSE) US$ 96.10 +0.54 (+0.57%)
Customer service: 1800 102 6453
Subsidiaries Converse, Hurley International, NIKE Flight, MORE

Nike is primarily the first choice of users who are looking for sports shoes. Nike shoes are engineered to give maximum comfort while playing. The shoes are known for durability, attractiveness, flexibility and cushioned lift. Nike has captured the globe and its product is easily available everywhere.

This company is also associated with apparel, accessories and sports equipment and is leading over there only. Nike is endorsed by some of the top sportspersons of the world. Kendrick Lamar, the great musician is the current brand ambassador of Nike. Nike is also known for its social welfare programs all across the world.


Founded in the year 1949 by Adolf Dassler, this company is one of the leading footwear brands. Adidas is an acronym for All Day I Dream About Sports. As the name, Adidas is known for manufacturing ultra-stylish and flexible shoes especially to meet the requirement of sportspersons. Engineered to perfection for sports persons Adidas shoes are nullifies the effects of jerks while running to the minimum.



Here is a brief history of this company:

Founder Adolf Dassler
Founded 18 August 1949, Herzogenaurach, Germany
Stock price ADS (ETR) € 281.35 -0.65 (-0.23%)
CEO Kasper Rørsted (1 Oct 2016–)
Subsidiaries Reebok, Five Ten Footwear, MORE

One of the prime sponsors of football leagues, this company is endorsed by top hunks like Sachin Tendulkar, Kevin Pieterson, Lionel Messi, Ravindra Jadeja and many more.


Originally Reebok was a brand known for manufacturing traditional footwear, but late on it spanned its hands towards sports shoes and never looked back.  It has taken sports to an altogether different pedestal through its innovative products.

A subsidiary of Adidas since 2005, Reebok designs CrossFit, running and fitness footwear and is one of the most preferred brands by people all across the globe.


Here is a brief history of this company:

Founders Joseph William Foster, Jeff Foster
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Founded 1958, Bolton, United Kingdom
Parent organization Adidas (2005–)
CEO Matthew H. O’Toole (Sep 2012–)
Subsidiaries Jofa, J.W. Foster and Sons, Reebok Thailand, MORE

 Official footwear sponsor of Spartan Race, CrossFit, and Ultimate Fighting Championship, Reebok has been the kit sponsors for many teams in the Indian Premier League. This brand is endorsed by some of the top sports celebrities like M.S Dhoni.


A subsidiary of Nike, these shoes came into the market late in the year 1984. Jordon is a brand of shoes manufactured primarily for basketball athletes.


Originally this company is created by Michael Jordon ( 5 times NBA most valuable player ) and Air Jordon sneakers were made exclusively for Michael but late it was released to the public in the latter half of 1984.

Being durable, attractive and having a distinct design, this is one of the preferred footwear brands by users worldwide.

 Associated with well-known sports hunks like Carmelo Anthony, Jimmy Butler, Blake Griffin, and Chris Paul this brand sponsors basketball leagues like WNBA, NASCAR, NFL, and MLB.


One of the most preferred shoe brands by users all over the world, Converse is a leading name for producing skating shoes and lifestyle brand footwear and apparel. This brand is also known for its logo which is a Star Insignia. During World War 2 it started manufacturing footwear for the military. Converse was a leader in manufacturing athletic shoes for over 5 decades and had captured the whole American footwear market. The Weapon, Pink Floyd, The Clash and Grateful Dead are some important addition to its product portfolio.


Here is a brief history of this company:

Founder Marquis Mills Converse
Founded February 1908, Malden, Massachusetts, United States
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Parent organization Nike (2003–)
Number of locations More than 100; U.S. retail stores (2018)
CEO G. Scott Uzzell (22 Jan 2018–), Davide Grasso (2016–)

Rihanna, Kristen Stewart, and Snoop Dogg are some of the famous celebrities who prefer to wear shoes by Converse.


Yet another American brand which is known for its high-quality footwear manufacturing. Designed keeping in mind the thought process of the younger generation, this one brand is the top choice of users worldwide.


Here is a brief history of this company:

Founders Paul Van Doren, James Van Doren, Serge D’Elia, Gordon C. Lee, Lorena Neira
Headquarters Costa Mesa, California, United States
Founded 16 March 1966, Anaheim, California, United States
Parent organization VF Corporation
Acquisition date 2004
Subsidiaries Switch Manufacturing, Inc., VANS Warped Tour

Founded in the year 1966 this brand has targeted some of the top athletes and their footwear requirements and has implemented those ideas into their manufacturing. Performance-wise these shoes are voted the best.

Vans have increased the interest of the people in sports through event sponsorships and by the creation of skateboarding parks. Since the year 2014 Vans is the prime sponsorers of The Warped Tour since the year 1996 and was the title sponsor of the US Open of Surfing in the year 2014.

Under Armour

Known for its attractive and comfortable design, this brand has a huge base of customers. Under Armour works into all footwear verticals like casual shoes, performance apparel, running shoes, basketball shoes, performance training footwear, slides, and sports shoes.

under armour

Here is a brief history of this company:

Founder Kevin Plank
Headquarters Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Stock price UAA (NYSE) US$ 19.69 -0.83 (-4.04%)
CEO Kevin Plank (1996–)
Revenue 520 crores USD (2018)

 This brand is endorsed by famous celebrities like Andre Green, Cody Bellinger, Memphis Depay aand Patty Mills. The brand also participates in philanthropic activities and is associated with “UA Power in Pink” organization. This organization fights against breast cancer.


This brand works in many verticals. Be it sports shoes, skating shoes, casuals shoes or nay Puma manufactures it all. This brand is a renowned name and its products are known for its durability, designs, and comfort. Shoes by Puma are especially famous amongst fitness trainers and sportspersons who love to play football, basketball, motorsports, and golf.


Here is a brief history of this company:

Founder Rudolf Dassler
Founded 1948, Herzogenaurach, Germany
Stock price PMMAF (OTCMKTS) $79.00 +0.45 (+0.57%)
Customer service 1 (888) 565-7862
Parent organization Kering

Celebrities like Virat Kohli, Diego Maradona, Boris Becker, Colin Jackson, Martina Navratilova, and Hector Bellerin endorse the products made by Puma


Skechers has recently emerged as the leader in the field of active and casual wear. This is the third-largest company in the United State related to sports and active footwear. The best part is the pocket-friendly prices. Below is a brief history of this company 


Here is a brief history of this company:

Founders Robert Greenberg, Michael Greenberg
Headquarters Manhattan Beach, California, United States
Founded 1992
CEO Robert Greenberg (Oct 1993–)
Revenue 464 crores USD (2018)
Subsidiaries Skechers USA Deutschland GmbH, MORE

Famous Celebrities like Camila Cabello, Kelly Brook  David Ortiz, and Brook Henderson. “The SKECHERS Foundation” is one social welfare organization run by this company.


ASICS is a Japanese brand that is involved in manufacturing sports equipment and footwear designed for a wide range of sports. Originally it started off as a basketball shoe manufacturing company and late it spanned its horizon and included footwear for other sports also. Below is a brief history of the company:



Here is a brief history of this company:

Headquarters Chūō-ku, Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan
Founded 21 July 1977, Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan
Stock price 7936 (TYO) JP¥ 1,878 +34.00 (+1.84%)
Revenue 38,666 crores JPY (2018)
Subsidiaries Onitsuka Tiger, Haglöfs, ASICS America Corporation, MORE

Shoes manufactured by this company are rated the best by users worldwide. Famous sports celebrities like Novak Djokovic and Shane Watson are some of the top names associated with this company.

These are the list of top shoe brands that people prefer to use and are more than happy with the quality of the products and comfort. So if you looking for comfort shoes and these are the brands for you. You can pick any piece blindly from the list of top 10 shoe brands mentioned above and it will be flawless for sure.

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