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“Your approach towards a situation reflects what kind of personality you are ” this was a great saying by our elder as we grow up.

Things now have changed a lot. Today “The first impression is the last impression” fits the best to every scenario. Hence, the way you carry yourself matters a lot.

To make an impression in the eyes of the onlooker, you must deserve to be taken that seriously.

It is just an exaggeration where we have seen people saying that owners of top-notch companies of the world don’t show off. They wear normal clothes blah blah blah.

Think of it this way…Can you expect Mark Zuckerberg going to a nearby shop for buying a shirt or a pair of jeans from a local brand? It’s just that when a person reaches certain pedestal then people start narrating their own stories.

9 out of 10 times people will judge you with the outfits that you are wearing. The way they will react or behave depends on your outer appearance. Then comes the other stuff like your way of talking, reacting to a situation, your temperament and many more.

Hence while putting on anything over your body, you have to be very cautious as this will be creating an impression (good or bad) in the eyes of the onlooker.

Here in this article, we have mentioned some tried and tested tips 7 killer styling tips for men (followed by famous personalities also) for you to imbibe in your life. One thing we assure you, once you started paying attention to yourself you will notice a drastic change in your confidence level and your outlook towards a situation in life.

Style Tip #1 –  Wear Self-Confidence

Confidence is the key to success. It is the force that differentiates an achiever from a dreamer.  Lack of confidence can render you from achieving what you may be deserving. Confidence is that driving force which helps keep in mind what you are and what you can do.

So this is the first thing that matters the most. Your confidence not only boosts your aura but also the people around you. You will find people getting attracted to you. People will feel like talking to you, taking guidance from you.

Understand one thing, there is a very narrow demarcation line between confidence and overconfidence. You need to understand this difference properly. 

Overconfidence can be fatal for your image. Try tapping this confidence into your lifestyle and you will feel the difference around you.

You can take expert advice from your senior mentors, go for personality development training, take public speaking to shred out the fear in you. 

Style Tip #2 – Style & Image matters the most

It’s a harsh reality but you need to understand that your outer appearance does matter. What you are wearing is the first thing that an onlooker notices. Hence to make the mark you need to dress yourself up in the right way. 

Before choosing the best fit you need to analyze a lot of stuff. The occasion, the event, your age, your body figure and many more.  

To nail down your first impression, you need to keep all these things in mind and choose the perfect outfit accordingly.

Style Tip #3 – Choose the perfect pair for your feet

A study conducted over a group of people reveals that the first thing that they notice in the person standing in front of him is his/her footwear.

Hence perfect footwear plays a vital role in creating an image in the eyes of the beholder.

Hence sparing a good amount to buy a perfect pair is never a bad idea as this is going to reflect your social status.

Again choosing the perfect pair needs a bit of exercise. You cannot go ahead wearing any pair like that only. It should complement your dress as well as the occasion you are wearing.

Style Tip #4 – A perfect outfit that suits your body is all you need 

Wearing anything for the sake of wearing is not going to go forward now. Inside your home, you are free to wear anything you like. Be it over-sized clothes for shorts you can wear anything.

But before stepping your foot out of the house, make sure that you have the perfect fit clothes ( obviously other factors like age, occasions etc has to be kept in mind ). 

Taking care of your clothes is also an important factor. You cannot go ahead and buy new clothes every time for different occasions, but you can always take care of your old clothes. Follow the washing and drying instructions properly and your clothes will keep on going on and on.

 Style Tip #5 – A well-fitted suit is a must for every men wardrobe

A suit that fits your body is a must for your wardrobe nowadays. A suit may fit many of your occasions and creates a good impression in the eyes of the onlooker. You don’t have to worry about occasions if you have a well-fitted suit in your wardrobe, Whether its a marriage party, any function, your office meeting you can always wear coat suit and it gives an elegant look. 

Style Tip #6 – A good piece is better than 100 bad ones

Always remember that it is better to have a good piece of cloth in your wardrobe that having a wardrobe stuffed with unnecessary one.

It is better to invest money in buying an awesome pair of clothes than wasting money buying plenty of them. 

The point is very straight, more clothes mean more effort to manage and keep them new all the time. Plus if they are not that good then there is no point of wasting time and money on them.

Hence be very careful here. Chose quality over quantity.

Style Tip #7 – Overlook fashion trends

The biggest mistake that we people do is that we move with the flow of fashion. Follow the 7 killer styling tips for men which can change your life.

Fashion trends change too fast. Hence try not to fall prey with fashion trends, rather go for timeless clothing trends for your wardrobe. Choose the best which suits your pocket.


All in all, you need to be very cautious while choosing the perfect outfit. Additionally, you can choose a watch to compliment your outfits. Make sure you hit the right spot while creating an impression in the mind of the onlooker. Last but not the least always remember, gone are those days when people used to know a person by their character traits and their achievements. Hence these 7 killer styling tips for men will change your life. This is a modern-day world buddy where your outfits decide how are you be going to be treated.

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