Life Experience: Finding Life’s Fruit of Wisdom


Life is fleeting, and it is up to us that we live it in the best way we possibly can so that at the end of the day we can sit down and say that we did justice to our time.

One of the most important ways of living well is to make sure that you remember all that what has been taught to you by life and the experiences you’ve had. It is these hard learnt experiences that form the golden nuggets of wisdom that have the power to enrich your life.

An Evaluation of Wisdom

Before we move further it is important to establish that no one is born wise, rather true wisdom is learnt over time. Sometimes life has a habit of teaching us things that we never thought we needed to learn, and it is by choosing to remember these lessons that make us wise.

Here is a quick rundown of several traits that those who are truly ‘wise’ tend to have.

  • Self-Reflection: true wisdom can be acquired only by those who have the ability to sincerely peer within themselves for as close to an objective look as they can take. As a popular cliché goes, it is incredibly easy to point fingers at others, but incredibly difficult to identify yourself as the one in the wrong.
  • Readiness to learn: one of the key defining traits of measuring wisdom is one’s readiness to accept the lessons learnt through trial, and take each step back as a way to reach two steps forward. Keeping a closed mind betrays a stagnant outlook to life, which can be harmful for you in the long run. After all, if your rigidity stops you from learning from your mistakes, how can you possibly grow as a person?
  •  Accepting Criticism: it is a fact that wise people are good listeners. They are good at filtering out criticism, effectively separating the negative from the positive kind. Constructive criticism can help you overcome any blind spot that you may have about yourself or your ideas, and give you a fresh way of looking at things. This can help you grow in different directions, and even see the world from a different lens.
  • One Step Forward: wise people are like a river in their readiness to give with the same excitement they feel when they receive. Learning can be multiplied, not divided, thus true wisdom is knowing how to share what you’ve learnt, so that in turn you can help and be helped to grow at the same time!

When it comes to life experience: finding one’s fruit of wisdom, it is important to constantly evaluate yourself to ensure you’re on the right track of learning.

Value of Wisdom

True wisdom can be a source of a much more enriched lifestyle.With wisdom comes greater empathy and sympathy, thus better communal ties due to deep understanding and love. This can help build strong character that is a solid base for leadership skills. Moreover, people listen to those whose wisdom and judgment they respect, thus it plays a vital role in everyday matters.


Keep in mind that wisdom comes in many forms. There are some people who become wise almost overnight, as if they were touched by alchemy. Similarly, there are others who have acquired a better sense of living over the span of years, and even decades. It is scary to think that there are also those who are never able to acquire wisdom.

It is thus important to learn from one’s life experiences and acquire a wisdom, so that your life can be like a bite from the sweetest fruit around.

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