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Getting a perfectly toned body is what everyone wishes for. In this hectic lifestyle, when peoples are too busy earning their daily bread, they seldom get a chance to look after the most important thing “their health”.

I am making a bold statement here. After reading this article from top to bottom, and applying these 10 perfect exercises for toning your body in your daily routine you will get a perfectly toned body with the need to go to the gym. So stay connected.

However, this is just an exaggeration. There can be a thousand excuses for not doing work and no excuse for doing it. So the first and the toughest challenge that a person’s face is to groom their mind to get out of this radical thinking. Mind it that I am quoting this as “radical thinking” because each and everyone that you come across in your life will give you the same excuse “Time Constraints”.

However, in the long run, your health is something that can keep you going on and on. Once you break the monotony “Time Constraints”, you will notice how easy things are that appeared to be very tedious from the front.

Before starting to repeat this quotation “ I can’t spare hours and hours in the gym, just for a few minutes of pleasure in the kitchen” 5 times at least per day. This will keep you motivated.

On the ending note of this lecture, always remember that fitness has no relationship with the gym. You just need to take a clean diet and exercise to stay fit and young.

Workout Plan for Home

The moment you search over the internet to find out an exercise plan, you will get hundreds and thousands of results. These may confuse you as to which one is the best for you. So here are 10 most result-oriented workout plan for home that you can adapt to tone your body. These exercises have helped many people from all across the globe to cut down extra fat from their bodies and have a perfectly toned body.

Irrespective of your body structure go-ahead for this workout plan for home and you will feel the difference in your strength, endurance and balance. Keep yourself motivated as things will appear very tough in the initial phases, but as you stick to it, I am sure that you won’t be able to skip them. And unknowing you will be cutting down extra chunks of fat from your diet.

P.S: While making this workout plan for home, we have kept those girls who have recently entered into motherhood. Post-delivery most of the girls suffer from obesity and due to their kids, they are unable to do exercises. So here is a perfect workout plan for home which you girls out there can do at your home hassle-free.

10 killer fat burning exercises to tone every extra inch from your body.

Note: Before going for a rigorous exercise plan, you need to warm up your body a bit. This will ensure that all the pores of your joints get lubricated and you can continue for a longer tenure.


10 Reps | 3 Set


Considered as the toughest exercise by all, Pushups tops the chart in the list. This exercise involves the movement of a maximum number of muscles and hence can be used as an effective exercise to tone your body parts.

Keep yourself in plank position, keep your core tight, shoulders pulled down and back, and your neck neutral.

Slowly bend your elbows and start to lower your body simultaneously down towards the floor. When your chest is about to touch the ground, extend your elbows and return back to the start. Keep in mind to keep your elbows close to your body during the movement.

Initially, you may not be able to perform Pushups properly. You can do one thing, just drop down to a modified stance on your knees and do the routine. This will be equally beneficial as normal Pushups.


15 Reps | 3 Sets


Situps are the most effective way to target your abdominal muscles. If you have lower back problems, then you have to go for a crunch.

Lay down on your back. Keep your knees bent, feet flat, and keep your hands behind your head.

Keeping your feet stick firmly to the ground, slowly begin to roll up from your head, engaging your core throughout. Make sure that you don’t strain your neck during this upward motion.

When your chest reaches your legs, roll back to the starting position in a controlled manner.


10 reps | 3 Set


One of the best balancing exercises, Lunges help you to increase the strength of your legs and joints and hence helps you in increasing your balance.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms down at your sides.

Take one step forward with your right leg and bend your right knee to make a 90 degree during this motion. Stop at the moment your thigh becomes parallel to the ground. You have to make sure here that your right knee doesn’t extend past your right foot.

Then push off your right foot back and return to the initial position from where you started. Repeat the same procedure with your left leg. This completes one rep.

Standing overhead dumbbell presses

10-12 reps | 3 Sets

Standing overhead dumbbell presses

This exercise engages a lot of your body parts like shoulders, upper back, and core. This exercise lubricates multiple joints and muscles. A perfect for the corporate slaves as many joints are engaged at once.

Stand either with your feet shoulder-width apart or in a staggered position. Move the weights overhead till your upper arms come parallel to the floor.

Keeping your core tight, start to push up till your arms are fully extended above your head. Make sure your head and neck steady and stationery.

Take a mini pause (about 2-3 sec), then slowly bend your elbows and lower the weight back down until your triceps come parallel to the floor again.


20 Reps | 3 Sets


Nothing is better than doing squats when your intent is to strengthen your lower body and core. Squats give flexibility to your lower back and hips.  As the largest muscles of the body get engaged while doing squats, hence calorie burning is very high in this mode of exercise.

Stand straight with your feet slightly wider than the width of your shoulder. Put your arms at your side of your legs.

Brace your core and, keep your chin and chest up, push your hips back and slowly bend your knees as if you’re going to sit in a chair.

Don’t bow your knees inward or outward, drop down until your thighs come parallel to the ground, bringing your arms simultaneously out in front of you to ensure a balanced and comfortable position. Pause for a few seconds, then extend your legs and return to the initial position.

Dumbbell rows

10 Reps | 3 Sets

Dumbbell rows

Ideal to tone your back to look sexy, dumbbell rows is yet another compound exercise that strengthens multiple muscles of the upper body. One thing should be kept in mind that doing exercise in a proper way is compulsory. Lifting high weights is not going to serve your purpose.

Choose an appropriate dumbbell weight for doing this exercise. Take a dumbbell in both your hands. This weight selection may vary from person to person.

Bend your waist forward so as to bring your back is at an angle of 45 degrees to the ground.  Make sure that there is no stress on your back as it may cause pain to you. Hang your arms straight down. Keep your neck in line with your back and your core is engaged.

Start with your right arm, bend your elbow and pull the weight straight up toward the chest. Ensure e to engage your lat, and stop just below your chest.

Return to the initial position from where you started and repeat with the left arm. This is one complete rep. Repeat 10 times for 3 sets.


10 Reps | 3 Sets

Burpees are a super-effective for cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength as the whole-body moves in this format.

Stand upright with your feet at a shoulder-width apart and your arms down at the sides.

Bring both your hands out right in front of you. Start to squat down. When your hands reach the ground, bring your legs straight back into a pushup position.

Do a pushup now.

Come back up to the initial position of pushup and jump your feet up to your palms by hinging at the waist. Move your feet as close to your hands as possible, landing them outside of your hands if needed.

Stand up straight upright. Take your arms above your head and jump up high. This completes one rep.

Single-leg deadlifts

Single leg deadlifts

Another exercise that helps you to develop balancing capabilities. Doing single-leg deadlifts develops stability and leg strength. Use a dumbbell that you can easily incorporate in your exercise.

Stand straight dumbbell in your right hand. Keep your knees slightly bent.

Hinging at the hips, start kicking your left leg straight, parallelly lowering the dumbbell down toward the ground.

As soon as you reach a comfortable height (will differ from person to person based on their height) with your left leg, slowly return to the initial position in a controlled manner, squeezing your right glute. Make sure that your pelvis stays square to the ground during the entire movement.

Repeat this motion 10 to 12 reps before moving the weight to the other hand and repeating the same steps on the left leg.

Side planks

10-15 Reps | 3 Sets

Side planks

One of the best exercise which targets core fully. The core is the foundation of the body and hence this has to take care of properly. Side planks involve the mind-muscle connection and controlled movements.

Lie on the ground on your right side of the body. Put your left leg and foot stacked on the top of your right leg and foot. Place your right forearm on the ground, elbow directly under your shoulder to pull up the upper body up thereafter.

Stiffen your spine by contract your core and lift your hips and knees off the ground, bringing them in a straight line. Rollback to the initial position keeping your body in control. This completes one rep

Glute bridge

10-12 Reps | 3 Sets

Glute bridge

The glute bridge is best for bringing your bums in perfect shape. This exercise effectively works on the entire posterior chain.

Lie down on the floor. Keep your knees bent posture, sidewise keep your feet flat on the ground, and arms straight and palms facing down toward the ground.

Pushing with your heels, slowly raise your hips off the ground slowly by squeezing your core, glutes, and hamstrings. Make sure that your upper back and shoulders should be in contact with the ground throughout the entire motion, and your core should be down to your knees as it should form a straight line.

Take a pause for 1-2 seconds at the top and return to the starting position again.


These are the most basic exercises that can be done just with a dumbbell. Affording a dumbbell is not a big deal for anyone. Follow this workout plan for home for 30 days and you will start to feel the change. Once you are habitual to this workout plan for home you can go ahead and increase the Reps to get even better results early. Apart from this, there are two important things that are to be kept in mind all the time. You have to exercise slowly and properly and take sips of water (preferably luke warm) in between the exercise, this will help to reduce body fat at a faster pace.

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