How Covid-19 Changed Hand Sanitizers


Covid-19 has changed many things in the world, including hand sanitizers!

When Covid-19 first hit the United States, sales of hand sanitizer skyrocketed so much that people had to resort to making their own for a while until the supply could catch up to the demand.

Before Covid-19, hand sanitizer was really an afterthought to many people. But now a day, pretty much every single person has a hand sanitizer spray in their purse—it has become a daily essential that many people take with them wherever they go.

So how exactly has Covid-19 changed hand sanitizers? The truth is, this global pandemic has highlighted many things about hand sanitizers that have inspired a change and elevation of the product.

Here are the top ways in which Covid-19 has changed hand sanitizers.

1. The accreditation is now important

Before Covid-19, we probably didn’t think twice about the type of hand sanitizer that we selected. But now we are wanting assurance that the hand sanitizer we select does the job we need it to. So an essential item on hand sanitizer labels now a day is having a World Health Organization accreditation. Since Covid-19, the World Health Organization has published a list of hand sanitizer brands they endorse as ones that are quality enough to use during a pandemic.

2. The ingredients matter

Just like the accreditation, before Covid-19 most people didn’t really think twice about the ingredients in hand sanitizer. Many probably assumed that they all had the same ingredients. But since Covid-19 increased the usage of hand sanitizer, side effects of non-quality brands were coming to light—and those were ones that had too many nasty chemicals and not enough natural ingredients. Now people put more effort into understanding the ingredients and ensuring that the formula is simple, avoids chemicals, and is the correct balance of alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, glycogen, and purified water.

3. The demand and supply chain was altered

As we mentioned at the start of this article, Covid-19 drastically changed the demand for hand sanitizer products. In fact, it was such a shock to the market that many new hand sanitizer companies emerged and it was a hot commodity that was actually hard to find for the first few months. Now that the supply has caught up to the demand, the market has neutralized a bit but in general hand sanitizers are selling better than they ever have before—showing more people are taking their hygiene seriously!

4. The power was given back to the people

We all felt pretty helpless at the start of the global pandemic. And even seven months later the majority of us still feel angst around not being able to do more to make Covid-19 go away. But there are two main things that people can do to get the power back against Covid-19. And that is first, level up their hygiene routine with hand sanitizer and, second, take more care to strengthen your immune system. Hand sanitizer has now become synonymous with the health and wellness industry.

5. Hand sanitizer has become integrated into every asset of life

It’s now in the elevators, at reception, at desks, at restaurants…hand sanitizer has now become very much ingrained with our day to day lives. In addition, more and more people have their own hand sanitizer sprays that they bring with them too—giving germs and bacteria in general practically no chance of survival anymore!

Covid-19 has changed our lives—probably forever. But a positive silver lining is that it has changed how people view the importance of their own health and wellness and more people are choosing to use hand sanitizer to keep themselves protected! 

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