Himalayan salt Products for home decor in Australia


Use of Himalayan salt products for home decor in Australia is getting immense popularity which is justified by the beauty and the tremendous healing properties of these products.

Himalayan Pink salt is the purest hand-mined salt with traces of 84 essential minerals and elements in it and that is why it has enormous health advantages.

People in Australia like Himalayan pink salt products not just because of their splendid health properties, but also for creating an aesthetic look in the house and for providing clean and pure surroundings.

If you are living in Australia and want to go for some organic and chemical-free home décor ideas, try buying few of the following Himalayan salt products to get positive vibes all around.

  • Himalayan salt lamps
  • Himalayan rock salt candle holder
  • Himalayan pink salt bowls
  • Himalayan salt bricks
  • Himalayan salt night lights
  • Himalayan crystal salt chunks

Now to prove the environmental and the health merits of Himalayan salt home decor products, check out some the factual reasons:

 Reduce allergies and breathing disorders:

Respiratory diseases are very common in Australia. According to the “Australian Institute of Health and Welfare”, ‘The prevalence of Asthma in Australia is Highest in the world’.

Other respiratory ailments that are common in the country include hay fever, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and pollen allergy.

Halotherapy or salt therapy is considered the best remedy for the ease of most of the respiratory disorders.

What is halotherapy?

It is an effective kind of treatment in which one inhales salted air for the purpose of the treatment of certain respiratory problems. The salt therapy had been using by the ancient people not only for relieving the breathing problems but also for maintaining good respiratory health.

Himalayan salt lamps or Himalayan crystal lights kept in your house or office not only adds to the beauty but also emit negative ions and those negative ions remove all the impurities like dust particles, pet dander, moisture and bacteria from the indoor air, thus you can breathe in a pure and immaculate atmosphere.

So if you are suffering from asthma or dust allergy, the Himalayan salt lamps or lights can aid you in getting relief from these problems. Studies suggest that exposure to the negative ions increase the blood flow in our body which prevents many problems in our vascular system too.

Also, the walls of your house or office made with Himalayan salt bricks or blocks give a distinct look and ambience. The stunning walls of pink rock salt produce a healthy atmosphere and allow you to inhale more oxygen by excreting negative ions.

Now whether you decorate your house with the captivating Himalayan salt bricks put the salt lamps in your bedroom, your study room or keep them on your coffee table or study table, you will have massive benefits of wellbeing and serenity.

Elevate mood 

The calming and soothing glow of the Himalayan tea light holders keeps the environment of your house calm and the negative ions emitted by them create a feeling of calmness. Your mood becomes contented and cheerful and you have a better sleep.

Reduce the effect of Electromagnetic Radiation:

This is a fact that we are mostly surrounded by a number of electronic devices in our homes and workplaces and the electromagnetic radiation emitted by these devices causes depression, stress, and fatigue and produces negative vibes.so it is important that we keep these radiations neutral to produce a healthy and stress-free environment. Now the questions that arise here are ‘what is electromagnetic radiation and what Himalayan salt can do for us when we talk about these radiations and their harmful impacts’? Well, electromagnetic radiation is simply the discharge of energy from Computers, TVs, Laptops, and other electronic devices all around us.it includes X-rays, microwaves, gamma rays, and radio waves. These rays are hazardous for human health and have a great impact on the brain. Himalayan salt with its hygroscopic and ionizing nature proves incredible in combating these electromagnetic rays.it produces negative ions which nullify the positive ions and also absorbs the moisture and water molecules from the surroundings. In this way, the atmosphere becomes clean and pure and one feels more energetic with a pleasant mood.

Some home decorating ideas 

The classical Himalayan salt home décor items spice up the look of your home with their aesthetic look and unique designs. We are presenting some alluring decorating ideas with these pieces.

Himalayan salt lamps are mostly available in Australia in many unique and beautiful shapes, get a few of your choice and place them

On your study table and you will feel relaxed and concentrated while reading or writing

On your coffee table, near your computer or laptop and get the effect of electromagnetic radiation reduced

On your children’s room, the lamp will keep the air clean and pure and will prevent your children from getting an allergy or breathing problems.

Himalayan salt wall bricks, you can design your house uniquely by using the salt bricks and blocks to construct walls or floors.it will not only add to the beauty of your house but will also produce a feeling of calmness and serenity.

Himalayan candlelight holders, keep small tea light candles inside the beautifully hand-carved Himalayan candle light holders and get a soothing glow. Add to the beauty of your house by keeping a few holders around and enjoy the charm and the warmth of their glow.

Last word

Whether You live in Australia or any other country in the world, adding natural and the organic decorating elements to the spaces in your homes and workplaces will bring a new look and well-being to your living style.



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