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Assuming that I have convinced you to make exercise a daily part of your routine, now is the time to switch to an advanced model of exercising. Always remember that loosing body weight and bringing your body into perfect shape cannot be done overnight. I have no intention to demotivate you here. But you have to understand that the stuff that you have collected for years cannot be cleaned in a single day. So here is a workout plan for gym to lose weight  primarily for beginners.

Again keeping yourself motivated is the key here. It is a general notion that runs in the back of the mind of a  person in the back of the mind that once he/she will have a good and toned body then people will praise their body and will get attracted. Please don’t switch to advance level with the same notion, rather think of it the other way i.e “I love my self and my family and I will do it for them”. You are halfway through if you manage to groom your mind like this. Enough of motivational talks lets dive into our primary objective the “Best Workout plan for beginners”

Keeping in mind that while inculcating this routine into our plan, our prime objective is not to define our body but to clean the garbage that we have collected in our body for years (A must-read “Healthy Eating Habits”). Here are some awesome tips to help you clean your body internally and will help you control your weight.

Best Workout Plan For Gym To Lose Weight For Beginners

Depending upon your BMI ( Body Mass Index ) and your stamina you will have to plan out the things. You will have to stick to a single program for a minimum of two months to see the results of it. Nobody can help you here. You will have to analyze your strengths here and will have to adapt plans accordingly. Please keep in mind that a wrong decision here can be fatal for you.  It is always good to take some suggestions from the trainer but it is you that knows your body better than anyone.

Divide your body into four parts and plan your workout accordingly. Proper planning here is the utmost compulsory here. 

workout plan for beginners to lose weight

Chest and Back Exercise Combo

This exercise helps the beginner to tone the upper body. You have to start off with small weight in the beginning and as you get used to you can increase weight. Toning the upper body is relatively easy compared to other body parts. You just need to follow the right exercise for chest and back and you will get results soon. This also motivates you for working on other parts also. 

Note: Whether you are using small weight or huge weight in your workout plan, both have the same impact, all that is required is to increase the repetition to get better output with low weights.

Shoulder and Arms Workout combo

This exercise will help you tone your shoulders and arms and will help you to increase muscle size. These two parts are visible from outside, so most of the time new starters keep their main focus on shoulders and arms exercises mainly. This is where they get stuck.  Excessive exercise of a single body part will stop the growth of that muscle and no matter how hard you try it will not go beyond a certain range. Hence it is equally necessary to give proper rest to every body part.

Note: Proper rest is necessary for a body part to ensure the full growth of the muscles.

Legs Exercise

Legs are basically the foundation pillars of our bodies. So while working out we take up a separate day for legs. On this day we don’t have to take up any other body part when we are taking up legs exercise. 

Most of the people leave out this body part. But this is where they do the biggest mistake. Being the foundation pillar of our body, working out and toning this part is equally necessary. Some tone this part and increase its strength by doing good leg exercises.

Abs and Cardio Combo Workout

Perfect Workout Plan For Gym To Lose Weight For Beginners

The stomach is yet another necessary part that needs to be on shape. I am not saying this to demotivate you, but abs exercise is the toughest of all the exercise. Here most of the beginners do a very major mistake by ignoring this part or by doing exercise of rest parts excessively. Both ways it is wrong. You should devote a separate day for this body part. 

Above all, you need to warm up before exercising. Minimum 15 mins of a warm-up session is necessary as it will prepare your body for stress and strain exercises. To warm up you need to spare 15 mins over the treadmill ( walking running combo). Once you warm up properly take a 5 mins break before proceeding for targeted exercising.

Note: You have to follow a round-robin routine while exercising and one day should be your rest day.


As already mentioned that you need to keep the routine going for two weeks and this will become your habit thereafter. You will start feeling energetic one you make it a habit and you will yourself feel the difference. And last but not least, two days rest is required for a body part when we are doing targeted exercise. So ensure that round-robin pattern is strictly followed, otherwise, you will also be complaining that even after following the perfect workout plan and taking proper diet your muscles are not responding the way they should be.

Last note to motivate you : Exercise is not about impressing others. It will give you a feel-good factor. You will yield better outputs at your workplace and your love life. Its all about loving you and your nearest and dearest. Remember it is not only you that has to suffer while in the hospital but also your family members. Just by adopting this small thing in your life and devoting 45 mins out of 24 hours of a day, you can avoid these things.

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