Greatest Balayage Hair Ideas for Your Next Salon Visit


Are you looking for the greatest Balayage hair inspiration?

Girl, you are in luck today! We have handpicked the trendiest and best Balayage hair ideas for your next salon visit!

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Wavy doubled caramel and blond Balayage

If Queen B has done it, then it must be something good. The first one on our list is this hairstyle, truly an epitome of Balayage hair done right. If people were to name one of the most beautiful Balayage hairs, then this is the one to talk about. It is a hairstyle that has become the trendiest Balayage hair of our time and we can exactly see why! A total stunner from all waves!  

Wavy multi-coloured Balayage

Whoever said, “more the merrier,” must have been a prophet. This Balayage hair is a take on simple colour put together in a harmonious union. Mixing platinum blond, blond, caramel, ash and brown Balayage has never looked better on hair! 

Brown and blond Balayage on red hair

While you are going through Balayage Hair ideas, it must have been hard to find for natural red hair. This is the way; we have found a beautiful inspo for everybody, the 21st century is all about inclusivity. So a way to do your stunning red hair justice is by adding light contrast highlights.  You won’t have to think twice when it comes to getting this hairdo because red, brown and blond are meant to be!

Wavy mix tone Balayage

As of now, you must be aware that there is no end to what can be achieved with Balayage hair. If you think someone else is getting a stylish Balayage done then you won’t have to copy them. There is an endless choice of Balayage for every single of you. Pick the colour and tresses to create this stunning magic. Check this one for example. A mix of light, dark caramel and brown caramel.

Balayage on long wavy black hair

Styling black hair with darker shades could be difficult because black hair overpowers most colours. The lingering doubt of colours such as caramel and brown coming through could push us from experimenting with Balayage hair. Fortunately for black hair ladies, there is a way to get darker colours to come through.  Using lighter colours and mixing them with the darker ones makes our long black hair look glossy at all times of the day like this one. So, in order to shine under the sun and moon, get a Balayage hair like this! Your dark stresses attract admirers during the day and night.

Balayage on Straight dark brown hair

All of us are suckers for sleek back, straight and seamless hair. It is good enough as it is, but when you have an option to ramp up the already gorgeous straight hair, Balayage is the getaway solution. It will be natural looking and impeccable. Whether you style it up or down, with each angle the Balayage will take shape to fit faultlessly. A glamorous addition to the already straight hair means stylish and trendsetting! Don’t miss the chance to inspire others with your Balayage hairstyle this year! You will only live once, better be remember for being stylish over everything else!

Balayage on wavy blond hair

What is Balayage hair is most known for, BLOND HAIR, and when listing down greatest Balayage hair ideas it is only fair to mention Balayage on long blond hair? Back in days when people did not know much about the wonders of Balayage. Everybody assumed the blond was the only option. But now things are different, we can get Balayage every shade imaginable! Getting to the actual point, Blond Balayage, it has been popular and always will be the most talked about on the list. It’s been seen that some have gone out their way and turned their hair blond just for this Balayage! And we can see why! It is undeniably a glamorous hairdo. A Balayage hair which could never disappoint! 

Heavy ash toned Balayage

For people who prefer darker and toned-down colours, heavy ash Balayage is the best choice. Right now everybody is sleeping on this look! So this is why we have it on the list. You won’t know what you don’t like unless you see it for yourself. So, before ash toned Balayage becomes the next trendsetter, you better get this one or else someone will. It is a one and done Balayage hair which is fabulous!

Straight lob with platinum Balayage

You could say that this Balayage is a distant cousin of the blond Balayage. It is a chic platinum Balayage lob. Works well, on short hair and gets even better on longer strands. No need for constant styling with a hairdo like this, all you need to do is you grow out your hair for this beauty. Moreover, a lob is better to style and easier to style in comparison to bob and long hair. A balanced length between the two, which is low maintenance, and nothing less than impressive.

Pixie with a hint of caramel

We have been only listing Balayage hair ideas for long here. Therefore, it is only right to mention Balayage for short hair as well. As said and done, Balayage hair works for every hair colour, length and type. Here is a stunning example of Balayage on a pixie cut. Even if this example doesn’t showcase an over the top Balayage hair, the hint of caramel on the short tresses is clearly evident. Use this as your next hair inspiration to try out Balayage hair on a pixie cut. It is the best failsafe example on the list! After the trial, you can venture into the rest of the daring Balayage hairstyles!

Wavy pixie with multi-colour Balayage

It is only logical to assume that those who like short hair prefer the ease and comfort of styling it. When you don’t have to put much work into pixie cuts, you could try out Balayage hair ideas like this one. What way to make your fun pixie even better, throw in some colours and you get a lively hairstyle. This wavy pixie is textured with a touch of caramel, brown and blond Balayage.

Caramel Blond Balayage

One thing is for sure, Balayage hair ideas always work out well, when there is a good mix of colours. Check this one for example. Caramel Blond Balayage sounds as good as it looks! This could probably prevent women from completely transforming into blonds! Not that there’s anything wrong with blond, it is just a solution for stopping excessive hair treatments. A few sweeps of highlights on the strands and you have beautiful blond Balayage!

Burgundy Balayage

Maybe you do not like brown, blond, caramel or platinum Balayage, so we thought of adding something bold and unique to the list. Burgundy is a smooth and rich colour suitable for every skin colour, so why not use it as a Balayage hair idea. Once the thought pops up, we search for it and here is the result. This hair colour can only be described as ethereal and exceptional. Not many people would try out a bold hair colour like this, but the ones that do are in for a great ride! It would be hard not to admire a hair colour like that under the sun, glistening red and irresistible.

Blond Ombre Balayage

Did you think the list had come to an end with the burgundy Balayage? Don’t pack your stuff yet because we have more coming. Have you ever thought of what Blond ombre hair looks like? Here take a look at this hair colour!  This is the blond ombre Balayage hair, everybody who has seen it before now wants to get it ASAP!  What do you think? Like what you see?

Brown Balayage

For those who want to stick with more natural-looking Balayage hair then try out colours close to your hair colour. Just in case you also have dark brown hair like us, you can get yourself a brown Balayage hair!  It won’t stand out as much as the others but it will surely make the natural curls look brighter and glamorous. Sometimes subtlety could also be the best option. 

Grey Ombre Balayage

From subtle Balayage to the complete opposite, is the grey ombre Balayage. We never know what lies ahead of us, so why not make the best of your lives. Instead of trying out death-defying risks, changing your hair colours into something like this could be a great start! Balayage hair like this gives you a cool and edgy look! You might just become the popular kid on the block! 

Rose gold Balayage

Sadly, you have reached the end of the list.  Here you have the rose gold Balayage, a fitting end for all these amazing Balayage hair ideas. Since everybody loves rose gold accessories, we thought why not look for rose gold Balayage hair ideas. A Balayage hair like this is perfect for festivals like Coachella, where everyone needs to look and style fabulously!

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