Enhancing your lifestyle with the Argentina handbags


Have you heard of the Argentina handbags? If not, then there is a lot that you are yet to explore. Argentina is known for its lush green vineyards, excellent wine, and of course, Lionel Messi. Apart from that, the argentine leather is one of the best leathers in the world. 

What makes the argentine leather so unique? Before we tell you more about it, did you know that the argentine leather is an icon in the entire country? Yes, that’s how special it is. But what’s the secret behind it?

The argentine leather industry is one of the oldest in the world. They even export to European countries and other parts of the world. Now, you might think why leather is so popular. The main reason behind the affliction for argentine leather is its processing and procuring method.

What goes into the making of argentine leather?

The massive fields and favourable weather in Argentina are responsible for an extensive collection of bovine species. You can find free-range farming on every acre of land in Argentina. As a result, they have surplus livestock to aid their leather industry. Cows are the primary source of leather in Argentina. Their hides are elastic and fibrous, which is the perfect material for obtaining leather. 

The treatment of leather is an important step that determines the quality of leather you will get. From tanning the leather in the right way to ensuring that it has the right texture, Argentina tanneries use the best techniques to provide you with the best-in-class leather. 

What is Argentina leather used for?

The leather procured from Argentina finds itself in handbags, belts, wallets, shoes, and other accessories. Many top brands use argentine leather for their products because it has high quality and lower costs. It has become synonymous with luxurious products that are worth every buck. 

Want to own an argentine leather product? It’s time to buy a classy Argentina leather handbag! Given below is all you need to know about Argentina handbags.

Argentina handbags – are they worth the hype?

If you have ever owned an Argentina handbag, you must know how luxurious their texture is. Full-grain leather is the best material for handbags because it lasts long and also resists damage with time. Expert craftsmen can create beautiful masterpieces from leather that are worth anything between a few hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars.

Each Argentina handbag has its characteristic shape, size, and appearance. You will be spoilt for choice if you start looking for the perfect piece of the handbag to complement your everyday outfits. To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of the best Argentina handbags that you can easily find online.

Best Argentina handbags

  • Leather tote handbag

Totes are the ultimate handbags that combine fashion with comfort effortlessly. They are large, roomy, and can hold anything you could possibly want. A tote handbag has multiple chains to help you organize your stuff. Be it water bottles or your makeup; a tote bag can hold it all. Cowhide is a popular leather material for tote bags because it is strong and durable. 

  • Argentina leather travel bag

Travel bags are similar to totes but have a stronger build to resist wear and tear. They don’t have to be boring because you can play with the colour and texture easily without letting it become monotonous. Deep wine and classic black are some of the trending shades for leather travel bags. Argentine leather is the best for these bags, both in terms of quality and pricing.

  • Crossbody bags

Crossbody bags are handy, and you can also sling them around your shoulders to get a hands-free experience. They are usually made from a softer leather to give them a smooth feel. Some cross body bags have zippers, while others have a single flap. Zippers are better because your things won’t spill out even if you start running.

  • Embossed Argentina leather purse bag

Embossed bags are making a comeback with different prints and patterns. Animal prints are popular, but everyone might not take a liking to them. You can go for floral embossed handbags that will be perfect for the autumn collection. Purse bags have dual straps that give you flexibility while carrying it. Use the shorter strap to hold the bag in your hand and the longer one to sling over your shoulder.

  • Drawstring shoulder bag

Drawstring bags are comfortable and stylish because of their unique shape. They are lightweight and allow you to carry all your essentials in one place. Most of the drawstring bags have a flap on the top that keeps your stuff from coming out. You can choose a bag in rich tan shade and pair it with any outfit of your choice.

  • Baguette

A baguette gets its name from the French loaf of bread that goes by the same name. These bags are shaped like a typical baguette and let you carry most of your essentials. They are perfect for airport looks where you have to look your best while also making sure that you don’t miss out on your everyday essentials. Baguettes look good in deep tan hues.

  • Argentina backpacks

Backpacks are a must-have if you travel often and need to carry a lot of things with you. From hairbrushes to essential documents, a backpack can carry everything you will ever need. Play with the colours and textures to find the backpack that will suit your needs. The majority of backpacks have large straps that feel comfortable while carrying them around. 

How to care for your Argentina leather handbags?

Leather needs a lot of maintenance and care. By caring correctly for your handbags, you can make sure that they last for many years without getting damaged. Use oil to rub the surface of the bags to give them a beautiful shine. You can use linseed or olive oil for the purpose.

Never use wet wipes for cleaning leather bags as water can degrade the material. Stuff your bags with newspapers when you are not using them to prevent the deformation of the structure of the bags.

Argentina handbags are the best in the world and will give you the stand-out feature that you have always wanted. Buy a fantastic Argentina handbag today to experience the best that leather can give you.

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