Best Multivitamins Your Kid Should Be Taking


Best Multivitamins Your Kid Should Be Taking

You’re thinking of adding multivitamin supplements to your child’s diet, but you don’t know where to start? Many parents will opt to give their kids a multivitamin boost to make sure they’re meeting their nutritive needs, are improving their immunity, and sustaining their overall strength and development.

But for some, the sheer range of choice can be daunting! Here are some of the best vitamins for kids that you should consider implementing into their diet and some of the things to look out for when choosing a multivitamin.

Look out for sugar content 

There are so many multivitamins out there that will label themselves as ‘healthy’ but are actually packed chock-full of sugar.

Many of these multivitamins will contain harmful preservatives, large amounts of sugar, chemicals, and general excess spoil that you would otherwise never give your kids. So, remember to always look at the back labels because companies will have things hidden there that they would rather you hadn’t found!

The best multivitamins will be the ones that are made on an organic rather than sugar basis. Look for ones that are made from real fruits and vegetables rather than sugary junk.

The Best Vitamins for Kids

There are some vitamins in particular that are helpful for kids. A multivitamin that contains many of these is likely to be most effective:

  • Vitamin D
    • Critical for kids’ bone health and immunity.
  • Vitamin B12
    • Important in brain function and DNA production.
  • Vitamin B6
    • Will boost your child’s energy levels.
  • Omega-3
    • Regulates heart function.
  • Vitamin C
    • Protects cells, bones, skin, and cartilage.
  • Vitamin E
    • A powerful antioxidant.
  • Vitamin A
    • Maintains healthy vision and skin.

Consult a Paediatrician

Every child’s needs are different, and they will develop differently. That’s why it’s always best to consult your paediatrician, who will determine your child’s specific health needs and the vitamins they should be taking.

Also, remember that there can be too much of a good thing! So, make sure that you’re not overdosing your kid on any vitamin and that you do all the needed research on your kid’s constitution and their needed dose of each one.

Choosing the Right Vitamin 

When it comes to picking out the right multivitamin, it’s most important to choose one that will provide your child with what they need most. More than 90% of kids don’t reach their daily optimal intake of fruits and veggies, so a multivitamin will ensure that they grow up to be strong and healthy.

Some vitamins are harder to stock up on than others – it’s especially hard for kids to reach their optimal levels of Vitamin D, so check that your multivitamin has a high amount percentage of Vitamin D. But as you read above, it’s always best to talk to a doctor about your kid’s specific needs.


A multivitamin won’t be a replacement for a balanced diet, but it sure helps! Most kids also tend to love taking their vitamins because they remind them of gummy bears and candies. To keep your kids loving their vitamins, but also staying off the sugar, it’s best to go for pectin-infused multivitamins that keep them sweet but healthy.

So, to summarize, when looking for the best vitamins for kids:

  • Look out for sugar content and preservatives.
  • Look for a balanced combination of the most important vitamins.
  • Consult a paediatrician.
  • Choose the right multivitamin tailored to your child’s needs.

If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to having a healthier, stronger, and happier child!

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