How to Choose the Best Bariatric Hospital Bed for Extra Strength & Support?


Bariatric patients need a special mattress to rest. Read on to find out how to buy the perfect hospital bed mattress for these patients.

Due to their body mass, bariatric patients need extra support while lying down. This is why there are special bariatric hospital bed mattresses. They are available in different forms, shapes, and sizes, making it confusing to make a reliable decision.

In this article, we are helping you to select Best Bariatric Hospital Bed mattress for your patients.

Choose the Right Material

Pressure relief mattresses would be ideal for bariatric patients. These are also known as air-flow mattresses, alternating pressure mattresses, or air loss mattresses. These come with air cells that can be deflated or inflated to control the air pressure that each mattress zone offers.

This type of hospital bed mattress allows patients to control the pressure that different parts of the body receive. While deflated cells reduce the pressure, inflated cells offer stronger support.  These bariatric mattresses are ideal for patients who spend a lot of time lying and have difficulty changing positions.

These patients are vulnerable to bedsores on their pelvis, buttocks, and torso due to prolonged pressure. And this mattress allows patients to avoid such an uncomfortable situation.


A quality bariatric mattress should offer longevity. Selecting an ideal bariatric hospital bed mattress is recommended for patients who spend more than 12 hours on the bed. The brand you choose should be reliable enough to provide a comfortable resting experience for the patients. Never invest in a mattress without looking at the warranty it provides.

Cleaning Needs

Considering that it is a bariatric mattress, patients are going to be spending a significant amount of their day on it. Therefore, the mattress should come with anti-microbial features. It will be a safer option for both patients as well as caregivers. Along with protecting them from infections and allergies, it also ensures there are fewer cleaning requirements.

Support and Comfort

An excellent hospital bed mattress for bariatric patients offers adequate support to the body weight and takes care of the pressure zones. It should be able to properly distribute their weight throughout the mattress, providing relief from the high-pressure regions. If the patients are not comfortable while resting on the mattresses, they will not be able to get a good night’s sleep. The right bariatric mattress would provide adequate support to both sides and back, promoting healthy sleep 

Final Thoughts

The Bariatric hospital bed mattress is designed for patients who stand at a higher risk of experiencing pressure sores. These mattresses are designed for people suffering from obesity and require a soft yet supportive mattress to rest. The Bariatric hospital bed mattress comes in different materials. But you have to ensure that it is able to conform to the patients’ body in a perfect manner.

When it comes to choosing the right thickness of this mattress, go for a product that is minimum 12” thick. This will provide the patients with the right amount of support and make it easier for them to turn during their sleep. The right bariatric mattress will be capable of bearing weight up to 300 pounds, thereby contributing to its durability.



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