Austin: The City to Revolutionize Texas


Texas has never been short of people with a can-do attitude and a willingness to get things done – and that’s what we’re seeing in Austin, right now. Austin boasts one of the best fitness scenes in North America. Whether it’s, yoga, boxing gyms in Austin or you want to look good naked, Austin has something for you. Downtown Austin has many gyms and fitness centres, which demonstrates the city’s commitment to staying in shape.

The city has taken on a new image; away from the old Texas commonly associated with gunslingers, outlaws and rugged terrain, towards healthy lifestyles and clean eating. This is due to Austin’s predominantly young population who are shaping the city into a place that suits their needs.

A recent report published by the state of Texas announced that obesity, smoking, cardiovascular disease and diabetes were at an all-time low in Austin and the lowest in all of Texas. In addition to this, Austin holds the title of eleventh healthiest city of the whole of the USA, which is no small feat!

The City of Austin

One significant bonus to Austin’s Fitness scene, is its abundance of green land. From the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife reserve to the Barton Creek Habitat Reserve, there are plenty of hiking, cycling and walking routes to explore and burn off a few excess calories. This wealth of green land provides exercise activities for people who might not necessarily want to go into a gym—therefore providing exercise resources for every member of the community. Not to mention the considerable health benefits of spending time outdoors in nature, breathing fresh air!

The buzz around Austin’s fitness scene isn’t exclusive to the locals. Travellers passing through often boast how easy it is to find a high-quality gym for a quick drop-in session. Many companies now use Austin as a national meeting point as it has the cultural infrastructure to provide for just about everyone’s needs.

Austin’s Food Culture

Coupled with the many exercise centres, Austin is committed to healthy eating. It is a common misconception that everyone in Texas lives on a diet of red meat and BBQ. Studies show that the health food revolution is in full swing in Austin, with many people switching to diets such as keto, vegetarianism and veganism.

Austin is ranked at number three when it comes to healthy restaurants per square mile in the USA, which is rather impressive when you consider the size of the city. This stat also includes the amount of fruit and veg sold in Austin, with people on average preferring to cook healthy meals rather than eat fast food.

Shaping the Future of Texas

Austin is a city that is forging its path away from other cities, not only in Texas but from the rest of the USA. So it’s not surprising that Austin is gaining popularity with young people both nationally and internationally. The quote “healthy body, healthy mind” seems very fitting for a city like Austin. The fitness revolution, tied with the booming art scene, has made the city a hub of creativity.

Austin’s love of health and fitness will continue to grow due to the benefits of lower disease rates, fewer doctor visits and an overall higher standard of living. Austin is now a benchmark for how other cities should view health and fitness – as an essential part of their infrastructure. Only time will tell how many other cities follow suit. But, one thing is for sure – in a country where obesity and diabetes are on the rise, Austin is going against the grain.

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