8 best style ideas to glam up every outfit you wear


Finding your personal style is no simple task. The fashion world revolves around trends. Today it is leather pants, and tomorrow it will be vintage denim jackets. The fast-changing nature of fashion makes it even more difficult for inexperienced newbies to identify their style preferences.

Style is more than what you see. Your style is your identity. It is your interpretation of how you wish to present yourself to the world. It is about feeling confident in your clothes and your skin. Every woman’s style is personal.

When it comes to understanding your style, for starters, you need to know what you like and what looks good on you. Your goal should be to look effortless but also like you tried. Simply put, you want to look like yourself, but better.

The best technique to make an impression with your look is through the clothes you wear. The key to success lies in glamming up your everyday outfits with a little bit of inspiration.

Here are 8 styling ideas for you to glam up any outfit you wear.

  1. Throw on a scarf

A scarf is an ultimate tool that you can use to transform a boring look into an absolute head-turner. It can turn something as basic and simple as a plain t-shirt and a ragged pair of jeans into an Instagram-worthy look in a heartbeat. You can style your scarf as a turban, a bandana, a headband, a tie, or even an accessory for your bag.

A hot new trend making rounds on Instagram nowadays is to style your scarf like a wrap with a belt.

Scarves are elegant and classy. They come in a wide selection of prints and fabrics. Play with different patterns, textures, and colours. We recommend opting for out-of-the-box unique designs. The eccentric picks always attract the most attention.

Silk and cashmere are the undisputed winners when it comes to fabric, but you can always work with materials like chiffon, wool, or cotton for everyday use.

  1. Layer up

Layering is one of the best and simplest ways to elevate your look. Think of a simple outfit. Let us take a white tee and some plain Jane jeans, for instance. A white tee and blue jeans look good together. However, we would be lying if we said it was not boring or something we have not already seen a million times before. What is new here? Nothing.

Now, throw on a layer or two on the same outfit – perhaps a sleek blazer, a casual denim jacket, or a sexy womens leather jacket. Does the same outfit not seem so much more interesting now? Of course, it does.

Similarly, take a simple slip dress as an example. Slip dresses are not extraordinary; we all wear them almost daily. Switch things up and style your slip dress with a button-down shirt underneath and a cardigan on top. Ample the look with a pair of strappy sandals, for a cute and casual look.

Layering adds structure to your look. If you ever feel like your getup is too simple or too boring, simply start layering pieces. Adding different textures and colours helps create fun new looks every time.

  1. Adorn with jewellery

Jewellery is an essential accessory that every woman needs. Whether you are a gal who loves whimsical boho-chic inspired pieces, minimal everyday staples, or larger than life statement pieces, jewellery is a core part of your aesthetic.

Dress up a simple outfit with jewellery and turn it into a crowd favourite in a heartbeat. Take a classic black dress, for instance. Simple, classic, and supremely versatile, there is no time or place where a black dress does not work. However, sometimes, a plain black dress may be too simple for a gathering.

In such cases, you have the license to accessorize to your heart’s content. Decide the theme of your look and mix and match your accessories accordingly. If you wish to opt for a classic and sophisticated look, throw on some statement gold hoops or a gold chain and complete the look with matching shoes and a bag. For an outgoing look, replace the hoops with a statement piece of jewelry like bold earrings, cuff bracelets, and gem-studded jewelry. For work-related gatherings, keep it minimal.

  1. Bring some old-world charm

With fast fashion slowly losing its popularity, people are moving more and more towards sustainable fashion. Vintage fashion is all the rage right now. Simple, elegant, and effortless, vintage fashion is the epitome of elegance and sophistication.

If you wish to take your look up a notch, incorporate some of that old world charm in your outfits. Invade your local thrift stores if you are on the hunt for affordable vintage gems like a timeless leather jacket, a classic bag, or a fabulous scarf.

Pair them with everyday staples and style them in a way that allows the vintage fashion piece to be the star in the spotlight.

  1. Wear a hat

Hats are not for the faint-hearted. They are big, bold, and beautiful. When they enter a room, they get noticed. Hats serve a dual purpose of protecting your skin from the sun while also providing you with a memorable fashion statement.

If you want to glam up an outfit, just throw on a statement hat and watch your outfit come to life in a heartbeat.

Whether you opt for a fun yet comfortable crocheted beanie, a sassy fedora, or a chic beret, you can easily create an upscale look simply with a good hat.

  1. Add a floral accent

Everybody loves florals. They are flirty, fun, and flattering; what’s not to love about them? If you wish to make your outfit stand out, add a floral element to your outfit.

For instance, a floral top is super flattering, especially when paired with a pair of plain pants or a skirt. A floral jacket is a statement pick that looks incredible when paired with monochromatic outfits. You may also mix and match prints if you are feeling more courageous. If you are not one for floral printed garments, play it safe with a fun floral printed scarf instead.

  1. Sparkle in sequins

When in doubt, opt for sequins. Nothing turns heads in a room like sparkling sequins. Everyone loves to shine, after all.

If you want to upgrade your look, add a sequined touch to your ensemble. It could be a scanty top, a flirty skirt, an edgy jacket, or perhaps an accessory like a sequined purse; regardless, sequins never fail to impress.

  1. Color block your looks

Color blocking is a great way to pack on a punch with your outfit. Sure, we all love our everyday neutral tones. However, what is life without color, anyway? Spice up your looks with vibrant colors and color-block pairings. Complete the look with minimal accessories to let your clothes do the talking for you. There is nothing worse than a busy and overdone look. Learn to strike the perfect balance, and your outfits will turn out great every time.

  • Parting thoughts

The art of styling is not a simple one to master. It takes time, patience, and a whole lot of practice. If you think you need to spend loads of money on a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories to look like a fashionista, you are wrong. Styling is all about utilizing what you have to create a unique look.

If you are feeling intimidated, don’t. Try your luck with different styles, themes, and colors before you give up. Be daring enough to step into unknown territory. You never know until you try it, right?

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