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Appearance does matter a lot. Over a general survey, most people admit that they judge people based on their outer appearance. Hence if you wish to create an impression on the eyes of the onlooker you need to put some efforts on your outer appearances.

It may surprise you but people admit that their way of responding to a certain situation depends upon the appearance of a person in front of them.

No matter whether you are going for a party, going to a market place to buy groceries, jogging casually, etc, you do need to be particular about your appearance.

Gone are the days when people used to know you by your character traits.

Time has changed a lot. Your personal care is the first and the most important stuff that seeks your unfailing attention all the time.

What is in there for women like you 

Personal grooming not only gives the onlooker a distinguished image of yours but also it gives you a feel-good factor. This is not something that I am saying this like that only. People themselves have admitted that they feel more confident and energetic.

Here this article is dedicated to grooming the most beautiful creation of God “The Women”

Before listing down these 5 handy grooming tips for women due precautions have been taken to ensure that this does not become a burden for them.

Don’t confuse yourself that grooming means wearing heavy makeup and heavy suit all the time.

Grooming in broad sense can be defined as an art which an individual imbibes into his/her life to maintain their body parts. Cleanliness is also counted in this category.

Here goes these 5 handy and a must say no grooming tips for women.

Grooming Tip #1 Maintain your hairs properly:

 The biggest mistake that most of the women do is that they overlook the care of their hairs. It might sound harsh to you but if you cant maintain your hairs then cut them short. There is absolutely no problem with short hair.

Most of the time all because of the time involved, women prefer to tie a knot on their hair and step out of their houses like that only.

Try and understand that everything counts. Female pubic hair appearance is also a part of your body and it seeks due attention to keep them shining and groomed.

Take a good haircut from a good barber. Take counseling from him/her and understand your hair texture.

Use mild shampoos and conditioners based on your hair texture. A frequency if three in a week is more than sufficient as advised by famous hair experts.

Streaks are the new trending thing now. But before going for a hair makeover consult your hairstylist and get the perfect color done for your pubic hair styles.

Use only recommended shampoos and conditioner after hair color as it may damage your hair.

Oil your hair frequently to give your hair the required nourishment.

A good comb is also necessary. Go for a branded comb to ensure your hairs don’t get damaged while brushing.

Last but not least, don’t I mind it don’t scratch your hairs while in a public place.

Grooming Tip #2 Your Face is your mirror

Nothing is admired more than a glowing face with a beautiful smile.

Glowing should not be misunderstood with a layer of heavy makeup. Merely applying heavy makeup on your face is not going to serve the purpose.

Natural beauty has no competition. You need to maintain the natural lustre of your face.

Maintaining the natural face glow is very easy. Water is a natural glow booster for your face.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. These have vitamin C and other nutrients which helps to maintain and enhance the glow of your face.

Sleep helps boost your face glow a lot. Doctors and Nutritionist from all across the world. A minimum of 7 to 8 hours of stress-free sleep is recommended. This enhances your face glow.

Wash your face after coming out from outside. Plain water is sufficient. However, you can use mild facewash also. Avoid using soaps rather prefer plain water if you don’t have facewash with you. Wash your face at least 5-6 times a day.

Don’t you dare to go to sleep with your makeup on. It has been scientifically proven that make has a huge bad impact on your face. It is utmost compulsory to remove your make up before going to bed.

Make it a habit of applying sunscreen lotion before stepping out of the house in the sun. Sun tanning affects your skin very badly.

Be very selective while choosing products for your face makeup kit. Don’t trust local brands here. This is the matter of your face and it deserves the best. Take a patch test before finalizing a cosmetic item for your face.

Regularly keep on checking your cosmetics as they might get expired. Don’t go for large packs, either buy small or medium ones.

Grooming Tip #3 Remove Unwanted Hairs

 Yet another important corner that needs full attention.

Unwanted hair should not be there. When it comes to face you should keep your eyebrows in proper shape all the time.

Any unwanted hair above the lips should be dealt with instantly.

Most of the women neglect this area all because of share laziness.

Remove unwanted hairs from your body parts at regular intervals as it looks dirty.

Grooming Tip #4 Hands are equally important

Hands should be neat and clean all the time. Dirty nails look odd and is a house to diseased. Use mild soaps to clean your hand.

Go for manicure of your hands at regular intervals.

Take very good care of your nails. Use good nail paints as local and non-branded ones may damage your nails. The nails mat go out of lustre because of the wrong products.

Make it a habit, either paint your nails properly or don’t use nail paints at all.

It looks very odd to see half painted nails. It is better not to paint your nails if you cant take care of colours.

You can rather use nail shiner if you are finding it difficult to take care of your nail paint.

Grooming Tip #5 Don’t dare to ignore your feet.

It is noted that most women tend to ignore their feet which is a vital part of grooming tips for women. It may surprise you but as per a survey, your footwear is the first thing that is noticed by a person in front of you. Hence ignoring this angle can be fatal for your image.

Get a pedicure for your feet at regular intervals (15-day frequency is good to go).

Pedicure removes the dead skin from your feet and keeps it clean and healthy.

Apply good foot cream to get rid of cracks. Do not apply heavy nail paint.

Make it a habit of wearing skin coloured socks to avoid dust from your feet.


In the nutshell, these unfailing female grooming styles will help each and every woman out there. Remember there is no need to go for heavy make to look good. Rather stick to the basics. Be natural and carry yourself properly. Applying heavy make up your whiter in complexion in your eyes, but you will look like a clown. Just dress in clothes that suit you the best. Clothes should be properly ironed. Use a good deodorant all the time. You stinking body will make people stay away from you.

Last but not least, always wear a cute smile on your face. There is no better jewel for your face than a smiling face.

I hope these small yet effective grooming tips for women is something that doesn’t require a lot of efforts. Happy styling

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